NEWS published on 19 Dec 2017 • Department / Unit Legal & Policy

EBU's Remit Principles now available in French

The EBU Legal Department is pleased to inform Members that the Legal Focus publication PSM Remit Principles for the Digital Media Age has been translated into French and is now available on the EBU website.

This brochure, originally published in December 2016, addresses the critical question of public service media's role and the scope of its activities in the rapidly evolving digital media landscape.

The EBU has identified non-binding guidance principles which affirm society's need for a strong public service media, offering an impartial news source and quality content reflecting the national culture in all its diversity.

This publication considers what publicly funded PSM should be doing in the digital media age, and how it should be doing it.

Other updates

The English version of the publication has been updated.

The Public Funding Principles for Public Service Media Legal Focus has also been updated.

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