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EBU and EMS highlight the importance of optimising event exposure for sports federations

Getting relevant content to the right audiences at the right time and on the right channel is becoming more of a challenge for sports federations who want to maximize their exposure on TV and social media.

The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) and its business arm, Eurovision Media Services (EMS), highlighted how this can be done at this year's SportsPro SPTalks event, aimed at helping federations and rights holders with their digital transformation, which took place on 06 February, in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Using a case study outlining the collaboration between EBU, EMS and the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation (SRG-SSR), the group showed how they worked together to develop a digital framework to help Swiss Ski enrich their content offering and increase their audience reach during the 2017/2018 season.

"It's important that sports federations be able to offer different types of content to their various stakeholders, such as athletes and sponsors, so they can help promote the event on their social media channels. We provide multi-outlet content production, enrichment and distribution services to enable this", says Louis Matignon, Multiplatform Solutions Manager, EMS.

"The exploitation of content for social media has become a must have for sports federations in order to boost the traditional TV rights exploitation", says Bruno Chappuis, Sports Rights Manager at EBU.

"The Swiss-Ski case study shows how this can be achieved, through the use of elements such as on-screen credits and strategic timings for distribution while re-directing the social media audience to the rights holding broadcasters during live transmissions", he continued.

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