NEWS published on 13 Feb 2018

EBU launches Radio Sport podcast on World Radio Day

The EBU is celebrating World Radio Day (February 13) by launching the first ever EBU Radio Sport Podcast. This year's theme is “Radio and Sports”. The new podcast is produced by the EBU Radio Sport Group, the community of sports broadcasters in Europe.

The EBU Radio Sport Group meets twice a year and is a forum where EBU Members discuss issues affecting broadcasters across Europe. There are several common issues that the group regularly discusses: sports rights, changing technologies and how to reach younger audiences.

Each episode of The EBU Radio Sport Podcast will focus on a different area of this common ground. But the first podcast focuses on World Radio Day. It features interviews with Tim Francis (UNESCO), Eleanor Oldroyd (BBC Sport) and Christophe Mallet (SBS Radio Australia). The podcast is hosted by David Naert (VRT), Chair of the EBU Radio Sport Group.

The podcast will soon be available via iTunes, TuneIn and Stitcher. But right now you can find the first episode here.


Contact detail

Christophe Pasquier
Head of Audio and Innovation
+41 22 7171 2622