NEWS published on 20 Feb 2019

Women Executives in Media focuses on women and education

The 6th edition of Women Executives in Media focused this year on Women and Education. As always, it brought together a group of committed women who shared their expertise and experience to help empower women in general and in particular in the media sector.

The conference was opened by Nathalie Loiseau, French Minister for European Affairs, and hosted in the Headquarters of Radio France, a landmark Parisian building. Delphine Ernotte Cunci, Chief Executive Officer of France Television and Vice-President of the EBU, kicked off the debates, together with Cilla Benkö, Director General of Swedish Radio and a member of the EBU Executive Board.

Throughout the day and a half of exchanges, several high-level speakers from various fields (journalists, NGO representatives, scriptwriters, media leaders) focused on the necessity for women to be able to access educational excellence through mentoring programmes, support in their choice of less traditionally 'female' studies, personal empowerment and the sharing of enlightening experiences.

Discussions also showed many examples of the role played by public service media in various countries, whether in terms of access to education, journalism, the portrayal of women in fiction and news programmes, thus changing mind-sets. Practical ideas and suggestions were exchanged, giving the participants the possibility to implement new ideas in their daily work.

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