NEWS published on 29 Apr 2019

Stop, look and listen: Radio conference spotlights stories and how we tell them

The 2019 International Feature Conference (IFC) brought together dozens of audio producers from all over Europe and beyond to discuss the art and craft of radio documentaries and features.

The 45th IFC was hosted by RTÉ's Documentary on One between 7 and 11 April on the beautiful Castlemartyr estate in Co. Cork.

Irish President Michael D. Higgins sent a video (above) to welcome participants to the Emerald Isle. He told delegates that with its long tradition of storytelling, Ireland had a special affinity for the spoken word, as could be seen in people's keen interest in radio programming.

"Your Conference is a reminder that radio stations are a valuable source of information," he added.

This year's IFC was based on two main pillars, both demonstrating that well-crafted programmes are still very important, even in a world of sound bites. 

One was the listening sessions devoted to entire programmes, which were then debated, critiqued and deconstructed in breakout sessions. The other, Story Showcase, featured some 20 selected audio pieces, pre-listened excerpts on topics as varied as the Mongolian steppe or how underwater noise is destroying the oceans.

Next year, legions of radio producers will head to Rome for the 46th IFC.

Audio excerpts, scripts and photos from this great feast of radio in Ireland can be found here.





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