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EBU Lessons from Lockdown: Exploring radio broadcasting

08 June 2020

In the third episode of our series, EBU Lessons from Lockdown, our Head of Radio Graham Dixon is joined by three EBU Members to discuss the challenges they have faced in continuing to broadcast live radio during the COVID-19 crisis and the learnings they will take away from the experience.

Cathinka Rondan (Head of Radio, NRK), Giedruis Masalskis (Head of Lithuanian Radio) and Tom McGuire (Head of Radio 1, RTÉ) discuss the hurdles they have had to overcome to keep their shows on air; technological change; audience needs during a time of crisis and uncertainty; and what they will do differently in the future as a result of what they've learnt over the last few months.

They also share new content ideas that have kept listeners informed, educated and entertained during the lockdown.

You can watch the full episode on our Youtube channel or read the transcript attached.

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Claire Rainford

Head of Corporate Communications


EBU Lessons from Lockdown - Radio Transcript.pdf