POLICY POSITION published on 17 Jun 2020

The EBU contributes to the European Commission’s AI Policy and Data Strategy

As part of its digital strategy, earlier this year the European Commission launched public consultations on its White Paper on Artificial Intelligence and on its flagship Data Strategy

Both topics are highly important to the EBU and our members and we were pleased to submit our consultation responses this week. 

Public Service Media (PSM) organizations already develop and use AI applications to produce and deliver quality content and services to their audiences. In so doing, they are committed to using AI in a way that both respects fundamental rights – especially the rights to privacy, freedom of expression and information – and that enhances cultural and societal diversity. PSM must ensure that their activities are not affected by the AI technologies used by other players they interact with, but rather help them further fulfil their public service remits. More generally, they call for transparency and accountability of AI activities, and the prevention of built-in biases in algorithms. In addition, PSM reach large audiences: they can play a crucial role to advance research and increase awareness of the use of AI at all levels of education. 

Our response to the Data Strategy prioritizes the need for PSM to be able to access data generated by or related to their services when offered on third party platforms. This is key for PSM to invest in and deliver content and services that best reflect citizens’ needs and preferences. Lack of access to data is an issue that existing rules (competition rules, the platform-to-business Regulation) cannot adequately address.

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