POLICY POSITION published on 02 Sep 2021

European Digital Principles: the EBU's response to a public consultation

European Digital Principles: the EBU's response to a public consultation

The EBU has responded to the European Commission’s public consultation on the formulation of a set of digital principles to promote and uphold EU values in the digital space. 

Our broad-ranging response says that:

  • Universal access to an open Internet remains key for innovation and free speech. Proper enforcement of open Internet rules and policy incentives are needed to secure the best possible use of broadcast and broadband technology and robust policies against gatekeeper platforms practices. 
  • Public service media contribute to digital education and make quality education content accessible to everyone, highlighting the need for public service media to be able to reach everyone everywhere, in particular but not only in emergency situations. 
  • We support policies and principles that advance accessibility of public media content and services for all of society.
  • We support strong EU policies to ensure that illegal content is tackled more effectively (DSA) and that digital markets are fair and contestable (DMA). 
  • Everyone should have the right to express themselves freely and have unhindered, unfettered and non- discriminatory access to information, including quality and pluralistic media content. Limits to these rights should be set by laws. Online platforms should fully respect these principles. 

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