POLICY POSITION published on 03 Sep 2021

Spectrum policy to help combat climate change - EBU contributes to public consultation

The EBU has responded to the Radio Spectrum Policy Group’s (RSPG) consultation on its draft Opinion on “the role of spectrum policy to help combat climate change”. In doing so, EBU highlights its members’ commitment to fight climate change.

PSM organisations indeed support the evolution of technologies towards more efficient and less power consuming means of production, distribution technologies and receiving devices (especially with broadcast-related devices); and work is developed for instance in dedicated members’ working groups on PSM sustainability and green production.

EBU and its Members would like to continue the technology shift needed to reduce their carbon footprint and remain committed to working further in these areas. 

With this response, EBU also comments on the corresponding RSPG Report on the same theme.

You can download the full document on the right.