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Public Service Media contributes to 2022 work programme of the Radio Spectrum Policy Group

13 January 2022
Media vans with satellites parked near a waterfront

The EBU has responded to the Radio Spectrum Policy Group's (RSPG) consultation on its draft Work Programme for 2022 and beyond. The RSPG is a key advisory body to the EU institutions on spectrum-related issues and gathers national regulators and members of ministries in charge of spectrum. Radio spectrum allows for the delivery of public value and economic growth. Broadcasters and wireless production systems deliver both in their use of the lower UHF band.

The EBU stresses that substantial social and cultural value is generated by the use of the radio spectrum. For public service media, this is derived from the use of radio spectrum for both programme production and content distribution.

For each item on the proposed Work Programme, the EBU has noted where wider public policy goals should be the drivers of spectrum use.

Download our response.

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Vincent Sneed

Senior EU Policy Adviser