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News Xchange sets ‘The Frontlines of News’ agenda for Dublin 2023 event

07 March 2023
News Xchange sets ‘The Frontlines of News’ agenda for Dublin 2023 event

News Xchange, the market-leading news industry conference and networking event, has announced its theme for 2023 will be ‘The Frontlines of News’ as the Dublin-based event opens early bird registration.

The two-day conference, which takes place between 19-20 June 2023, will consider the challenge of reporting from a number of frontlines, including War; Climate; Digital; Political; Health & well-being, among others.

A 40% discount on the full delegate price is available, with TIER 1 registration costing €699. For more information and to register online, CLICK HERE.

In a time of extreme conflict, the conference programme will consider how the international news industry tackles real wars and the information wars, reports from the frontline of climate change and at the digital frontier, shoulders its broad responsibility to foster inclusivity, looks after its people, and reaches the next generation across all fronts.

News Xchange 2023 will explore the threats and opportunities faced by journalists on the ground and in newsrooms around the world and considers the challenges of tackling multiple frontlines simultaneously.

The Frontline of War

From how the war in Ukraine is being reported and how the propaganda machines have engaged to how new platforms and approaches have changed how conflicts are covered across platforms, we share perspectives from all angles to consider the challenges and successes of a new breed of war reporting.

What about the ‘forgotten’ wars like Myanmar and Afghanistan, and what is the potential of future wars? What will happen with Iran, China and Taiwan, and how might these be covered?

The Climate Frontline

News Xchange considers the issues, strategies, reports and perspectives from the front line of climate change. How is the issue being communicated, covered, denied, and extended, and how is the news business playing a role in deciphering fact from fiction?

The Digital Frontline

From TikTok, Patreon to Rumble and the battle for Twitter, what do digital and AI offer, and what might it take away? We drill down into the multi-layered world of digital media and its relationship to old forms of reporting.

The Frontline of Inclusion & Diversity

The imperative to reflect the diversity of the population and to be inclusive across the board is more important than ever. In this complex, nuanced age, how do you get the story right, and how do minority groups feed into the broader news agenda in an age of anxiety?

The Generational Frontline

How are younger audiences engaging with news, and how can the news business meet the challenges of reaching them in new ways?

The Frontline of Health & Wellbeing

How do we protect our staff, and what is the consequence of all these frontlines for the people that work in the news business?

The Commercial Frontline

Who pays for news, and how does the relationship between commerce, authenticity and creativity move forward?

The Personal Frontline

What borders should journalism not cross, and how does the industry manage its relationships and responsibility when social media operates without boundaries?

The Irish Frontline

Always a Frontline, Ireland has a unique position in the world, a gateway to Europe and a country with an often-challenging relationship with the UK. What do recent negotiations over Brexit and borders tell us, and what can we learn from the Irish experience of covering conflict?

News Xchange is operated on behalf of Eurovision News by C21Media. A raft of speakers will be announced shortly.

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Luis Jimenez

News External Relations Manager & Digital News Lead

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