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RTV Slovenia appoints new four-member management board

17 August 2023
RTV Slovenia appoints new four-member management board
Zvezdan Martić

RTV Slovenia has a new four-member management board, which is taking over the leadership and management of RTV Slovenia for the next four years (2023-2027).

Zvezdan Martić, a long-serving employee of RTV Slovenia, has been appointed president of the management board; Simon Kardum and Andrej Trček will be members of the board; and radio journalist Franci Pavšer becomes the Worker's Director. The last was elected by RTV Slovenia employees in internal elections.

In accordance with the amendment to the Act on RTV Slovenia, RTV Slovenia will for the first time be managed by a four-member board. Among its first tasks will be the appointment of the directors of the radio, television, and multimedia centres.

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