Summer Festivals Postcards

Summer Festivals Postcards, an EBU project
Upper right picture: Aix-en-Provence Festival ©Vincent Pontet / Bottom left picture: Verbier Festival ©Aline Paley

The Summer Festivals Postcards project is a 15-episode podcast series about a selection of the main Summer Festivals’ history in the form of an audio postcard, to go hand-in-hand with the 2022 Euroradio Summer Festivals series, for use and adaptation by all EBU radio organizations. It is produced by Overcoat Media in collaboration with the EBU.

The aim of the project is to create ‘audio’ postcards containing a collection of intriguing and interesting information about the festival, bringing it to life through audio, and focusing specifically on stories unknown to most of us. One of the objectives is for them to be used as short teasers during the concert presentations or during the interval of the concert broadcast; or in the morning show to promote the evening concert transmission!

Each postcard contains short interview excerpts in the original language with one of the festivals’ leaders giving a distinctive and local flavour. The postcards are produced in a modular way: 2 or 3 sections interconnected that could be easily sliceable/divided into shorter autonomous parts.


Series of 15 6-minute postcards, each a postcard of a Summer Festival in Europe, to be used on all platforms (on-air, online, etc.).

The EBU provides:

  • English script of the postcards with running order
  • Audio excerpts of the quote in original language and effects
  • Selection of music excerpts: audio files and music references from commercial CDs
  • Time codes for the audio file with all files
  • Specific branded image for promotional use
  • Full unedited interview in original language along with the transcripts in original language and English containing further information about the festival

List of festivals and postcards

Aix-en-Provence Festival 


Available SM/2022/06/03/01

Baltic Sea Festival


Available SM/2022/06/03/02

Bayreuth Festival


Available SM/2022/06/03/03

Bregenz Festival


Available SM/2022/06/03/04

Edinburgh International Festival


Available SM/2022/06/03/05

Granada Festival


Available SM/2022/06/03/06

Kissingen Summer


Available SM/2022/06/03/07

Lucerne Festival


Available SM/2022/06/03/08


ER/2022/51/01-40 (Part I) ER/2022/52/01-32 (Part II)

Available SM/2022/06/03/09

Radio France Occitanie Montpellier Festival


Available SM/2022/06/03/10

Rossini Opera Festival


Available SM/2022/06/03/11

Salzburg Festival


Available SM/2022/06/03/12

Schubertiade Schwarzenberg


Available SM/2022/06/03/13

Utrecht Early Music Festival


Available SM/2022/06/03/14

Verbier Festival


Available SM/2022/06/03/15



When broadcasting these, please mention that this is an EBU project produced by Overcoat Media. Full credits available here.




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