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Euroradio Jazz Orchestra

Photo credit: Hugo Sekoranja


As leaves fall, jazz rises! Over a dozen young men and women from EBU Radio organizations are in Latvia for the annual Euroradio Jazz Orchestra tour, on 9-10 November.

Every year, the Euroradio Jazz Producers put together a European jazz big band under the name of the Euroradio Jazz Orchestra (EJO), a project that can trace its roots back to 1965. Each EBU Member may send one musician under age 30 to perform in public with the EJO, with two Euroradio Public Jazz Concerts organized by the host broadcaster. At least one concert is always recorded by the EBU host broadcaster, who is responsible for the rehearsals as well as its logistical and promotional planning.

The EJO concerts are being organized this year at the kind initiative of Radio Latvia, thanks to the efforts of the Jazz Producers' Chair, Hugo Sekoranja, and under the artistic direction of Maris Briežkalns (Latvia). The conductors/composers are Kirke Karja (Estonia), Kārlis Vanags (Latvia) and Dainius Pulauskas (Lithuania). After rehearsals from 6 to 8 November, the EJO hit the road on 9-10 November for sessions at the Dzintari Concert Hall in Jūrmala and the Cēsis Concert Hall. 

This year's line-up:

Thomas Syson, United Kingdom (producer Alyn Shipton, GBBBC)
Rok Nemanič, Slovenia (producer Hugo Šekoranja, SIRTVS)
Jiří Kotača, Czech Republic (producer Vaclav Vrany, CZCR)
Dominik Fuss, Austria (producer Andreas Felber, ATORF)
Magnus Aannestad Oseth, Norway (producer Anikken Sunde, NONRK)  

Jievaras Jasinkis, Lithuania (producer Laima Slepkovaite, LTLR)
Miron Hauser, Croatia (producer Jelena Balent, HRHRT)
Vilhelms Logins, Latvia (producer Maris Briežkalns, LVLR)
Robert Hedemann, Germany (EBU)

Alto: Pierre-Marie Lapprand, France (producer Alex Dutilh, FRSRF)
Alto: Mairo Marjamaa, Estonia (producer Ivo Heinloo, EEERR)
Tenor: Adele Sauros, Finland (FIYLE, Markus Partanen)
Tenor: Rastko Obradovic, Serbia  (EBU)
Baritone saxophone and bass clarinet: Kristaps Lubovs, Latvia (producer Maris Briežkalns, LVLR)

Piano/keyboards: Povel Widestrand, Sweden (producer Janne Lindvall, SESR)
Guitar: Jacob Artved, Denmark  (producer Fimmer Engel, DKDR)
Double bass/electric bass : Katie Ernst, USA (producer Heather McDougall, USWFMT)
Drums: Lukas Akintaya, Germany (EBU)




Target age
Under 30

Every year

Proposed by
Euroradio Jazz Producers

Contact detail

Marie-Cecile Billoux
Project Manager
+41 22 717 2612