RESEARCH published on 10 Nov 2020

Licence Fee

This report highlights the vital importance the licence fee has for public service media (PSM).

Here you'll find out:

  • About licence fee amounts across Europe and price trends;
  • Which countries have dropped or phased-out the licence fee as well as those recently enacting reforms;
  • About the comprehensive benchmarking of licence-fee collection systems, exemptions and evasion rates.

Despite the pressure, the licence fee still accounts for 60% of all PSM revenues across 25 countries within the EBU area. Stories of effective and successful transformation may also inspire countries looking for ways to future-proof how they fund their public broadcasters with a system that remains affordable and favours PSM accountability

Don't miss all the details in our Licence Fee Report and its accompanying dataset – the most comprehensive yearly analysis of the main PSM funding source.


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