GUIDES published on 16 Apr 2015

Peer-to-peer Review on PSM Values: Czech Television

The following report assesses the management practices and content quality of Czech Television (CT) according to the public service values defined by EBU in Strasbourg in 2012. The report is based on the self-assessment of CT combined with the on-site visit in Prague by an international group of peers on 1–3 October 2014.

The objectives of the report are to:
1. provide CT with a statement on its current situation, including highlights on best practices and suggestions for improvement;
2. give other media organizations comparative tools to improve their internal processes, develop best practices, and improve their own understanding of public service values.

Czech Television is the first EBU Member to undertake the public service values review. This report reflects the peers’ observations, opinions and suggestions after their visit. It starts with general comments and then outlines CT’s performance on all of the six public service values (universality, independence, excellence, diversity, accountability, and innovation). It highlights best practices (actions, ideas, activities, programmes) that could be used as a model by all EBU Members.


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