STRATEGIC GUIDES published on 08 Apr 2020

How to Connect with Children during the COVID-19 Crisis

With the unprecedented challenge to public service broadcasters posed by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, children’s content is once again at the heart of EBU Members’ strategies to serve new audience needs. Our audience indeed needs us now more than ever, and this is a great opportunity to showcase the value of public service media and these organizations' kids brands. The Coronavirus context and schools closure came fast and unexpectedly for many of us. This is therefore a challenging learning experience for the members of the EBU Kids community. That’s why, at the EBU, we are aiming to facilitate informal and up-to-date exchanges of information for members of this community to inspire and learn from each other. Learn from dozens of EBU Members on how they are responding to the COVID-19 situation in the area of children’s content.

See Best Practices of PSM Kids Content During the COVID-19 Crisis for additional informal responses discussed at our virtual meetings.

To find out more about how animation and fiction productions are organizing themselves during the pandemic, read our latest publication, Young Audiences: A New Normality for Children's Content Production.

Read the latest publicaton from EBU's Media Intelligence Service and Media Department, COVID-19 Crisis - PSM Kids Audience Performance.