VIDEO TALKS published on 06 Jun 2023

EBU Music Digest

  • Let the Peoples Sing 2024, by Albina Belabiod, Content Coordinator, Classical Music, EBU
  • Contemporary Operas, by Mireia Pacareu, Editor, Live Music & Projects, Classical Music, EBU
  • Funds, by Pascale Labrie, Head of Music, EBU
  • Sound Engineers Scheme, by Huw Robinson, Operations Manager, Music, BBC Audio, and Chair, EBU Contact Engineers
  • Production Resources in Classical Music Recordings, by Mireia Pacareu, EBU
  • Milestones – Straight no Chaser…, by Laurent Marceau, Editor, Live Music & Projects, Pop-Rock, EBU
  • Media Ensembles Survey, by Elana Solomon, Content Coordinator, Classical Music, EBU
  • 3 Questions to…, by Monica Schütz, Community Manager, EBU
  • International Relations Check-in, by Julia Wellershaus, International Relations Coordinator, NDR, and Vice-Chair, EBU International Relations Group


EBU Music Digest — Albina Belabiod, Pascale Labrie, Laurent Marceau, Mireia Pacareu, Monica Schütz and Elana Solomon (EBU), Huw Robinson (BBC) and Julia Wellershaus (NDR)


Albina Belabiod (EBU)
Mireia Pacareu (EBU)
Pascale Labrie (EBU)
Huw Robinson (BBC)
Laurent Marceau (EBU)
Elana Solomon (EBU)
Monica Schütz (EBU)
Julia Wellershaus (NDR)

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