VIDEO TALKS published on 12 Jun 2023

Kids content: Focus on live action

Live action TV programmes for children are essential for public service media. These programmes often feature relatable characters and situations in real-world settings, promoting important social and educational themes while also being entertaining.

What are the trends and challenges in live action content for kids? During this 90 minutes special session, you will hear about the following case studies:

  • BBC: “The Worst Witch” + "A kind of Spark"
  • NRK: “Bablo” and “Rykter (Rumours)”
  • Rai: “The Chronicles of Nanaria”
  • VPRO: “Timmyland”

Joakim Vedeler (NRK)
Christoffer V. Ebbesen (Mothership Ent.)
Juliette van Paridon (VPRO)
Sarah Muller (BBC)
Luca Milano (Rai)