VIDEO TALKS published on 23 Oct 2020

Cultural Forum

Our continent faces its greatest social and cultural crisis since the Second World War. The Covid-19 pandemic is putting our institutions and our deepest values to the test. Across Europe, public service radio has risen impressively to the challenge, providing anxious and isolated audiences with trusted information, connection and inspiration. 

At the same time, the technological and economic pressures for change in our industry will, if anything, increase. 

What will be the enduring legacy of this experience? And how should public service radio evolve to remain relevant to a new generation and at the heart of an open, democratic Europe?


Denis Nowlan (BBC)
Cilla Benkö (Swedish Radio)
Noel Curran (EBU)
Ivan Krastev (Centre for Liberal Strategies)
Eva Połońska-Kimunguyi (LSE)
Sandrine Treiner (France Culture)
Alexander Wrabetz (ORF)