CASE STUDIES published on 27 Oct 2023

Transformation Agile Review: Defining the Key Enablers for Digital Transformation & Organizational Change at TVR

TVR (Romanian Television Society) shares common challenges with many public broadcasters in Eastern Europe. As the media landscape swiftly evolves embracing a digital future has become imperative, TVR is now actively working on wide-scale digital transformation and organizational change despite facing a number of major hurdles and limited resources, making prioritization the keyword. The review team focused on identifying the concrete steps and practical levers to help TVR define its digital transformation roadmap and communicate it throughout the organization in order to develop a digital culture and mindset.

The EBU Transformation Services deliver customized support to EBU Members. The review teams are made of EBU experts and working PSM professionals, meaning we bring to-the-minute knowledge not found on the marketplace. We apply our PSM-specific transformation framework and playbook methodology to Member organizations, designing a unique mix of workshops, analysis, and case studies every time. And because we are all part of the same EBU community, our relationship is ongoing long after the initial project is complete. 

The publication of the review reports guarantees the dissemination of best practices and operational principles among Members, thereby contributing to a more widespread advocacy for digital transformation.

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