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Euroradio World Music Workshop

The Euroradio World Music Workshop will be held on 23 October from 9:30 to 17:00 in Cardiff/UK, by invitation from the BBC. 

The WMW itself will be once again a great opportunity for World Music producers and journalists to meet and exchange. Editors of Roots and Songlines will be there, together with BBC colleagues. A special presentation will deal with online streaming journalism. Grooves will come from the Inter-Celtic-festival, Somalis in Europe, Welsh traditions, Afghanistan, Mali and more. 



Cardiff, Wales (United Kingdom)

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The Euroradio World Music Workshop takes place during the Womex

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Laurent Marceau
E-mail: marceau@ebu.ch
Tel.: +41 22 717 2613

Krystyna Kabat
E-mail: kabat@ebu.ch
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