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What is Eurovision Connect?

Eurovision Connect is a very successful annual conference under the auspices of the European Broadcasting Union. It brings together around 140 professionals from public service broadcasters for a packed two day schedule highlighting innovation, creativity and excellence of Multiplatform Broadcasters on topics including branding, marketing, promotions, continuity, presentation, design, media planning and the use of social media.

What does Eurovision Connect do?

CONNECTS you with the best practices in the market place;
CONNECTS you with a network of Professionals;
CONNECTS you with inspiring experts from around the world.

What is Eurovision Connect competing with?

Other conferences that would attract a similar audience include Promax Europe and The Eyes and Ears conference.

What’s different about Eurovision Connect?

It is made for and by people working for Public Service Broadcasters (not just a market place for agencies) and prides itself on being a friendly environment where you can learn and be inspired with like minded professionals. It’s about sharing ideas, ways of working and solutions for common problems.

Who are we talking to?

Anyone who wants to be informed and “tooled up” with the latest information and creative ideas.

Anyone involved in the process of delivering messages to audiences, from Marketers to Promotions Creatives, from Media Planners to Sound designers. These people work across a range of platforms, have a diverse and specialised skill set which covers strategic planning, playout services, and includes multimedia expertise.

Download last editions' Eurovision Connect Agendas: 2012 (.PDF) / 2013 (.PDF) / 2014 (.PDF)

Registration to Eurovision Connect conference is done through the Media Summit registration form.


Vienna, Austria

Additional Event Details

Please note that the deadline for submitting entries and uploading the materials is 28 February 2014.