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EBU Knowledge Exchange 2015

The EBU Knowledge Exchange brings together EBU Members, media professionals and communications scholars for a day of discussion and ideas sharing around a current issue affecting public service media (PSM).

The topic for this year's event was PSM Contribution to Society, building on the key project being led by the EBU’s Media Intelligence Service, which analyses how to evaluate and communicate the positive impact that public service media have on society.

The event discussed the benefits that PSM generate for the market, the national economy, the civil society and the individuals. The idea was to develop a framework to assess PSM’s contribution, identifying indicators, best practices and new ideas. To achieve this, the event included a programme of participative activities alongside inspiring keynotes and presentations.

Attendees heard from a diverse range of speakers, including several invitees from outside the media sector. They shared their challenges and success stories, showcasing how their organization has approached the task of demonstrating the value they provide to citizens.

New this year

This year’s event included a second day exclusively for EBU Members. In this workshop several broadcasters reported on how they assess their contribution to society, leading to a group discussion with a particular focus on the methodology used and the challenges to overcome.

Target audience

  • EBU Members, particularly strategy, research and communications representatives
  • Media and communications scholars
  • Other media professionals in fields relevant to the event theme


How important is it to measure impact? How can we communicate better the value delivered by PSM?

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Event Report

Read Online - Download


Read Online - Download


  • Introduction: Why measure PSM contribution to society? - Roberto Suárez Candel, EBU
  • Keynote: PSM in the 21st century: What value and which values? - Prof. Gregory F. Lowe, University of Tampere
  • Session 1: Global Impact Model - Ana Andueza, Deloitte Spain
  • Session 1: The Impact of Culture - Beatriz Garcia, University of Liverpool
  • Session 2: Making the case: Starting a conversation about public value - Ella White, Arts Council England
  • Session 2: Rallying support through open dialogue and engagement - Hildur Hardardottir, RUV (Icelandic Public Broadcaster)
  • Criticism and (Re-)actions - Per-Erik Wolff, ARD (Germany) Members Only
  • Horizon approaching: PSM reloaded - Klaus Unterberger, ORF (Austria) Members Only
  • 'Measuring' contribution to society - Tomas Coppens, VRT (Belgium) Members Only

  • Video: "One-minute wonder" (Arts Council England)
  • Report: Segmentation and messaging: Public attitudes towards arts and culture (Arts Council England)
  • Video: RÚV okkar allra (Our RÚV)
  • Video: ORF promotion of public value
  • Interviews

  • How can we communicate better the value delivered by PSM?
  • How important is it to measure impact?