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New Radio Day 2016

This is the annual meeting of those involved in creating the future of the radio medium, and dedicated to showcasing latest innovations from across radio, as well as providing time for debate and the exchange of ideas. 

The theme for 2016 will be: Building on Success: enhancing the live radio experience

Clearly, live radio remains the core experience for most listeners, despite the increasing options to consume radio using new devices. The objective on this occasion is to demonstrate and share innovative ideas around how this live, linear radio experience can be enhanced, in the year which has seen the launch of the LG DAB+ smartphone. The ingenuity in this area is testimony to the flexibility and strength of our medium. A great variety of topics will be covered from social media to connected cars and new radio apps, as well as recent perspectives from across the Atlantic. Do make sure you can be with us in Madrid on those days.

Download the final NRD 2016 agenda (.PDF)


Meliá Los Galgos
Claudio Coello, 139
28006 Madrid
Tel: +34 91 562 66 00

Double/Twin for Single occupancy (1pax): EUR 126.50
Double/Twin for Double Occupancy (2 pax): EUR 137.50

All room rates include breakfast and 10% tax. For extra nights charges, please check with the reservations department for the best available rates.

Please use this link to book your hotel.


Auditorio RTVE
RTVE Complex
Av. Radio y Televisión, 4
28223 Pozuelo de Alarcón
Madrid, Spain

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RTVE will provide transport from / to the hotel to the meeting venue on Thursday, 13/10/2014 and to the meeting venue on Friday, 14/10/2014. Details will be communicated at a later stage.


Practical Information (.PDF)

Final programme (.PDF)




  • Radio Bremen Next, BR Puls - Marion Lichtenauer, BRMembers Only
  • Rebranding RTÉ 2fm for Visual Radio - Laura Beatty, RTÉMembers Only
  • Franceinfo: Joint TV and Radio Digital News Channel - Nathalie Birocheau, Radio FranceMembers Only
  • 05_INSIGHT: GREAT IDEAS 1 / Swedish Local Radio, New Systems, Enhanced Coverage - Lars Hedh, Jimmie Schewenius, Swedish RadioMembers Only
  • Making live Radio Public - Iva Jonášová, Radio Wave, CRMembers Only
  • Making live Radio Public - CR - Video Members Only
  • Music Pop-up Stations - Brett Spencer, BBCMembers Only
  • Music Pop-up Stations - BBC - video Members Only
  • 07_INSIGHT: GREAT IDEAS 2 / Creating 3D and an App for the Car - Matthieu Beauval, Radio FranceMembers Only
  • 08_MOVING HOUSE - FIRST IMPRESSIONS OF PUBLIC RADIO - Simon Gooch, Chief Innovation Officer, Swedish RadioMembers Only
  • Voice to Text - Fabrice Mare, VoxygenMembers Only
  • Reaching the Older Audience - Tomas Granryd, Swedish RadioMembers Only
  • FM4 Player - Ute Hölzl, ORFMembers Only
  • LG Phone and its Apps - Gunnar Garfors, IDAGMembers Only
  • Norway 2017: is DAB ready to go? - Jørn Jensen, NRKMembers Only
  • New Video Formats - Jens Becker, WDRMembers Only
  • New Video Formats - WDR - Video 1 Members Only
  • New Video Formats - WDR - Video 2 Members Only
  • New Video Formats - WDR - Video 3 Members Only
  • New Video Formats - WDR - Video 4 Members Only
  • 12_REACHING YOUNGER AUDIENCES - Patrick Collins, Head of Youth Audiences, BBCMembers Only
  • 13_HOW DO WE INNOVATE? - Nico MacDonald introducing the afternoonMembers Only
  • 01_DEVELOPMENTS IN SPAIN: How is radio doing in Spain? What are the latest developments and innovations? - Manuel Gomez Zotano, RTVEMembers Only
  • 02_INSIGHT: DATA & AUDIENCE 1 / Live Broadcast, Still Central to Radio - David Fernández Quijada, Senior Media Analyst, EBUMembers Only
  • 03_EBU: THE WIDER PICTURE - Graham Dixon, Head of Radio, EBUMembers Only
  • 04_PANEL: What makes the difference? What new approaches are there to build the impact of our live programming?
  • Radio Bremen Next, BR Puls - Felicia Reinstädt, Radio BremenMembers Only