EBU Media Lunchtime Talk: Personalized News and 'Filter Bubbles' - An Inevitable Correlation?

Algorithms have revolutionized the way media content is presented to viewers and given media organizations unprecedented insights to create content which meets audience expectations better than ever. Personalized recommendations have become an integral part of the media landscape, proposing users ‘where to click next’ based on internet browsing histories, reactions on social media or viewing choices.

At the same time, many consider that ‘filter bubbles’ have emerged as an undesirable side-effect of personalization, in particular when it comes to the news. Recommendations may be locking users into media information bubbles where conflicting viewpoints are filtered out, causing social fragmentation and even intellectual isolation.

On 27 June, as part of the EBU Big Data Initiative, a diverse panel – with speakers from politics, research, journalism and public service media – will examine the ‘filter bubble’ trend and ask whether another approach to personalization – where ‘discover something new’ is reconciled with ‘here is what you like’ – is possible.


Welcome Note by EBU Big Data Initiative Leader Guillaume Klossa and moderation bu EBU Head of European Affairs Nicola Frank.

  • Walter Quattrociocchi – IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca - Why do we search for information which confirms our beliefs?
  • Laurence Dierickx – independent journalist – Will robots decide the future of the news for us?


Location: EBU Brussels office, 56 avenue des Arts, 1000 Brussels



Working Languages: English