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9th News and Technology Seminar

The News and Technology Seminar is designed for delegates from both editorial and technical backgrounds. The focus will be on demonstrating and discussing how EBU Members can make the best creative use of technical innovations and share best practices and solutions.

Our 9th News and Technology Seminar will take place at the CERN in Geneva, Switzerland. The two-day meeting will begin on Tuesday 3 October and close at 16:00 on Wednesday 4 October.

The 2017 News & Technology Seminar will give EBU members a chance to:

  • INSPIRATION See clever new technology ideas translated into practical examples great editorial content. 
  • EXPERTISE Hear from specialists from inside Member News departments about how they have harnessed new technology ideas benefit their newsrooms and their audiences/users
  • LEARNING Explore how Mobile Journalism is expanding, audience data is developing and machines are starting to translate and transcribe
  • GUESTS Attend keynote presentations about science and the media from Assoc. Prof. Walter Quattrociocchi (University of Venice), Fergus Walsh (BBC) and Prof. Freya Blekman (Vrije Universiteit Brussel)
  • PRACTICAL Get up to date with the new tools and apps available from the EBU to support your newsroom
  • NETWORK Share good practice, get inspired by others and grow your network of EBU friends and contacts 

There will be a wide range of expert speakers and panelists as well as a tour to the Eurovision Newsroom.


Information provided at registration


CH-1211 Geneva 23


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  • Keynote Speaker: Walter Quattrociocchi - Assoc. Professor Walter Quattrociocchi Members Only
  • Telescope - what the audience is telling us - Marta Cooper, Business Analyst, Audience Engagement, BBC News Members Only
  • Eurovision News Exchange goes mobile and social - Justyna Kurczabinska, Head of News Exchange, EBU Members Only
  • NewsExchange app walk-through Members Only
  • The integrated everything: NUMPROD 2.0 - Benoit Balon-Perin, Digital Workflows Manager, RTBF Members Only
  • The challenges of reporting Medical Science - Fergus Walsh, Medical Correspondent, BBC News Members Only
  • MOJO – showcasing some great examples and how they fit it into workflows - Glen Mulcahy, Mobile Journalism expert Members Only
  • MOJO - Wytse Vellinga-Cleaning up other peoples mess Members Only
  • MOJO – showcasing some great examples video Members Only
  • Welcome Day 2 - Simon Fell, EBU Director of Technology & Innovation Members Only
  • Opening VT Day 2 clip cern fake news Members Only
  • EBU Technology & Innovation Update - PEACH - Michael De Lucia, Head of Digital Innovation RTS Members Only
  • EBU PEACH @ IBC 2017 Members Only
  • Octo and Alto: speech to text to speech again - Robert McKenzie, Editor, BBC News Labs Members Only
  • Speech-to-text at SWISS TXT AG, SRG SSR - Robin Ribback, Head of Innovation Management, SWISS TXT Members Only
  • 4.5G real life experience – what to do when you have more than 1Gbit/s - Morten Brandstrup, Head of News Technology, DKTV2 Members Only
  • Bidra: showcasing how user contributions can be handled in an innovative way - Morten Brandstrup, Head of News Technology, DKTV2 Members Only