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Rights in the new international fiction landscape workshop

The changing media landscape and the presence of global SVOD providers has led EBU Members to invest in the production of better (and sometimes more expensive) titles – especially in fiction and documentaries – to meet the new competition. The result is that additional budgets often have to be secured to be able to coproduce with external producers.

One way of doing so for Drama Departments or Programme Distributors is to get financing from SVODs in exchange for second windows in their own territories and/or exclusive VOD-rights outside their own territories. Moreover, with the growing use of EBU Members’ online players, it becomes more and more important to have access to both the broadcast and the online rights when acquiring programmes.

The Challenge

The need for additional financing remains, but if the VOD rights are licensed during the financing phase, the value of the project as a ready-made acquisition lessens for EBU Members with ever growing online presence.

The main objectives of the workshop

  • Giving EBU Members the opportunity to come together and discuss the new media landscape and how they can increase collaboration between themselves.
  • Exploring the standard requirements (rights/windows/branding) when negotiating/financing/acquiring copros as a way into the strategic discussion outlined above.
  • Presenting different models of working to secure financing and optimal exploitation.

Who should be attending

(1 or 2 people per organization):

  • Heads of Drama
  • Drama Commissioners
  • Digital Commissioners
  • Heads of Business Affairs
  • Heads of Programme Acquisitions

The agenda for this workshop will be announced soon.


SVT, Oxenstiernsgatan 26-34, Stockholm


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