Media Summit 2019

After the success of our inaugural event in Brussels, the 2nd Media Summit will take place in Porto on 28-29 May, hosted by RTP.

The Media Summit brings together content executives from EBU Member organizations to discuss content strategic challenges and opportunities for public service broadcasters. The event is also a platform to network, learn and exchange experiences among peers. The TV Assembly and the Digital Assembly also take place within the event.

This year, the Media Summit was built around the topic of “Relationships”: our relationship with audiences, with other public media organizations, and with key actors in our industry. How can we make these relationships work?

Topics for discussion included:

  • Building better Public Service Media brands
  • Connecting with young audiences
  • Trust and collaboration
  • Embracing diversity
  • Building strong PSM alliances

Case studies and other presentations from the Summit can be found at the bottom of this page.


The full programme is available on our event app. Please download “EBU Events” in the App Store/Google Play. To launch the app, all you have to do is to sign in with the email address used to register for the Media Summit event.


19:00 - Welcome event (on prior registration only)
On Monday evening, meet and mingle with your colleagues from all over Europe and beyond at the Casa da Música.

DAY 1 - TUE 28 MAY

9:00 to 13:10 - Media Summit Part 1
Topics: Building better PSM brands, Connecting with young audiences
Participants will split and join the corresponding assemblies:

14:00 to 18:00 - TV Assembly & Digital Assembly 

19:00 - Networking Dinner (on prior registration only)
Meet, connect and share fresh ideas with your colleagues and experts from other EBU Members at the Vinum Restaurant & Wine Bar, in Gaia.

DAY 2 - WED 29 MAY

9:00 to 13:15 - Media Summit Part 2 
Topics: Embracing diversity, Collaboration & alliances

14:30 to 17:00 - Social Event (on prior registration only)
Meet and connect with your colleagues from other EBU Members during a boat excursion.


Media Summit – Schedule Overview


The first edition of the EBU Media Summit took place in 2018 in Brussels, Belgium. The role of media in a changing Europe, connecting with all audiences, digital transformation in PSM, new ways of distribution and disruptive media were some of the key topics discussed. The yearly EBU Radio, TV and Digital Assemblies also took part under the framework of the Summit, in order to discuss platform-based topics and needs. 

Our Moderator

Mrio-Augusto-ConvertImage.jpgMário Augusto

Mário is a very well-known RTP journalist. He presents a weekly TV magazine called “Janela Indiscreta” about cinema and TV. He is also a writer with many published books about the entertainment industry. 



 Flyer EU Election 2019  Members Only


 Media Summit Agenda  Members Only

Day 1

 Welcome Message - Jean Philip De Tender, EBU Media Director  Members Only
 Repurposing Our Brands (Opening Video) - Michelle Roverelli, EBU  Members Only
 Repurposing Our Brands (Closing Video) - Michelle Roverelli, EBU  Members Only
 Repurposing Our Brands - Eric Scherer, FT  Members Only
 Repurposing Our Brands - Tinatin Berdzenishvili, GPB  Members Only
 Repurposing Our Brands - Thorhallsdottir Steinunn, RUV  Members Only
 Truth about Gen Z - Katie Young, Global WebIndex  Members Only
 PSM and Young Adults - Matana Drori, KAN  Members Only
 PSM and Young Adults - Hanne Kautto, YLE  Members Only
 YleX Pop showreel - Hanne Kautto, YLE  Members Only
 YleX Youtube - Hanne Kautto, YLE  Members Only
 PSM and Young Adults - Tigran Danielyan, AMPTV  Members Only
 PSM and Young Adults - Daniel Rodrigues, RTP  Members Only
 Short Sharp: Ebu News Report, 50 Ways To Make It Better - Luis Jimenez, EBU  Members Only

Day 2

 Keynote Speech: Trust, Collaboration and Diversity - Tobias Degsell, Combiner  Members Only
 Embracing Diversity - Safia Kessas, RTBF  Members Only
 Embracing Diversity - Miranda Wayland, BBC  Members Only
 Diversity Reel - Miranda Wayland, BBC  Members Only
 Embracing Diversity - Teresa Muñoz, RTVE  Members Only
 Short Sharp: Eurovision Time Machine - Chantal Bernheim (RTS) and Prof. Kaplan (EPFL)  Members Only
 Collaboration & Alliances - Alexandra Brenkman, EBU  Members Only
 Collaboration & Alliances (Keynote - Mac only) - Johan Wahlberg, SVT  Members Only
 Collaboration & Alliances - Ezra Eeman, EBU  Members Only
 Collaboration & Alliances - Kessler Bernhard, ZDF and Daniel Meyer, Google  Members Only

Digital Assembly

 Digital Assembly Agenda  Members Only
 A Year in Digital  Members Only
 Panel: Trust and Technology  Members Only
 Case Study: RTR - Konstantin Ksenofontov, RTR  Members Only
 Case Study: KetNet - Maarten Janssen, VRT  Members Only
 Case Study: KetNet - Award show Gouden Ks - Maarten Janssen, VRT  Members Only
 Case Study: KetNet - Buck Video 1 - Maarten Janssen, VRT  Members Only
 Case Study: KetNet - Buck Video 2 - Maarten Janssen, VRT  Members Only
 Case Study: KetNet - Like me Video 1 - Maarten Janssen, VRT  Members Only
 Case Study: KetNet - Like me Video 2 - Maarten Janssen, VRT  Members Only
 EBU Kids Strategy - Madiana Asseraf, EBU  Members Only

TV Assembly

 TV Assembly Agenda  Members Only
 EBU Drama Initiative - Markus Sterky (SVT) and Jeroen Depraetere (EBU)  Members Only
 News from the Northern Front - Fredrik Luihn, NRK  Members Only
 Case Study ‘New7Wonders’ - Nuno Vaz (RTP), Jean-Paul de la Fuente (N7W) and Luis Segadães (N7W)  Members Only
 Case Study ‘Bullying’ - Maarten Janssen, VRT  Members Only
 TV Activities report - Jon Ola Sand (EBU), Madiana Asseraf (EBU) and Jeroen Depraetere (EBU)  Members Only


Location: Porto, Portugal


Register by: 20 May 2019

Members Only

Working Languages: English


Porto Palácio Congress Hotel
Av. da Boavista 1269
4100-130 Porto, Portugal


Registration is now closed! Please note that seats are limited and will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

Hotel accommodation

Reservations are accepted on a first come first served basis

Participants are kindly requested to book directly with the hotel (via the reservation forms below)

Porto Palacio Congress & Spa Hotel

  • Special rate EUR 160 per night (single) valid until 30 March
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Bessa hotel

  • Special rate EUR 126 per night (single) valid until 27 March
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Contact detail

Madiana Asseraf-Jacob
Head of Business Development and Young Audiences
+41 22 717 2230
Olgica Rijavec
Manager of Strategic Events

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