The EBU Media Summit brought together senior executives working in the Content & Audiences communities from EBU Members to discuss the shared content strategic challenges and opportunities to reach and engage with all audiences in the currently changing media landscape. 

The role of media in a changing Europe, connecting with all audiences, digital transformation in PSM, new ways of distribution and disruptive media were some of the key topics to be discussed at the Summit. 

The yearly EBU Radio, TV and Digital Assemblies also took part under the frame of the Summit, in order to discuss platform-based topics and needs. 

The EBU Media Summit at a glance:

  • 18 April: EBU Radio, TV and Digital Committee private meetings (by invitation only)
  • 19 April: TV, Digital and Radio Assemblies with the respective platform-based communities of experts 
  • 20 April: common day for all participants of the event, to discuss shared content & audience challenges and opportunities

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Our Moderators

Annelies-Beck.jpgAnnelies Beck
Annelies has been a VRT journalist since 2000 and presents VRT Nieuws' Terzake programme.

Hadja-Lahbib-th.jpgHadja Lahbib
Hadja has spent 21 years as a journalist and news anchor at RTBF and also presents on Arte Belgium.

Keynote Speaker

Björn-Ulvaeus-th.jpgBjörn Ulvaeus
Singer/songwriter Björn has sold over 400 million records as part of Swedish superstars ABBA following their Eurovision Song Contest win in 1974. He also operates many successful businesses. Björn will offer his views on the current media landscape in Europe and the importance of public service media.

Additional details

Welcome cocktail - 18 April at 18:30, Hôtel de Ville, Brussels

To start this year's EBU Media Summit edition, we met the Hôtel de Ville of Brussels, on the Grand Place. The Town Hall of the City of Brussels is a Gothic building from the Middle Ages on the famous medieval square, considered one of the most beautiful in Europe.

Gala dinner - 19 April at 19:00, Egmont Palace, Brussels

Built in the mid-1500s and the Palace has belonged to the city of Brussels since the mid-1900s. Today it houses the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. You will have to pass security to enter the building.

Social programme - 20 April at 17:30

Guided tour through Brussels and beer tasting

About EBU Media

EBU Media's mission is to support Members with great content and to guide them to reach out and to connect with all audiences. 



Hôtel Métropole, Place de Brouckère 31, Brussels - Booking link

Hôtel Warwick, Rue Duquesnoy 5 - Booking link


The Square meeting center, Rue Ravenstein 2, Brussels (map)





  • Radio Assembly

  • EBU Radio Highlights 2017-2018 - Graham Dixon (EBU) Members Only
  • The EBU Radio Sport Posdcast - EBU Members Only
  • Music Survey : Findings and Future Plans - Pascale Labrie (EBU) Members Only
  • New Reserach about on demand listening - D. Fernandez-Quijada (EBU) Members Only

  • In Media We Trust (not) - Alexandra Borchardt (Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, University of Oxford) Members Only
  • Voices on the bus - NRT Members Only
  • Hearing Public Opinion in the Netherlands (1) - NRT Members Only
  • Hearing Public Opinion in the Netherlands (2) - NRT Members Only
  • Life without FM: How is Norwegian Radio doing? - Jon Branaes (NRK) Members Only
  • NRK Radios - NRK Members Only
  • Radio in Belgium: Going Digital in a Fast-Moving Environment - Els Van de Sijpe (VRT) & Francis Goffin (RTBF) Members Only
  • TARMAC Members Only
  • Radio Player: Recent Researchs - Michael Hill (UK RadioPlayer) Members Only
  • Voice Controlled Radio - UK RadioPlayer Members Only
  • Radio Player APP with Ford EcoSport - UK RadioPlayer Members Only
  • Radio Player Car - UK RadioPlayer Members Only
  • Radio Player & Google Alexa - UK RadioPlayer Members Only
  • As a driver, I want... - UK RadioPlayer Members Only

  • MUC to DUB via VOX - John Paul Coakley, Chair, EBU New Radio Group Members Only
  • EBU Radio Innovation Fund Project: Alexa, What’s Playing? - Tomas Granryd (SR) Members Only
  • Reaching Listeners with Atomized Radio - Edita Kudláčová (CR) Members Only
  • Radio Personalization - Paolo Casagranda (RAI) Members Only
  • Presentation of Venue for 2019 Radio Assembly Members Only
  • TV Assembly

  • Rethinking Linear Broadcasting - Lisa Lindstroem Members Only
  • Global Competitors in the national Market - Luihn_Seierstad (NRK) Members Only
  • EBU Media Activity Report - Jean Philip De Tender (EBU) Members Only
  • European Comedy Summit Members Only
  • Nature Live Members Only

  • Sport Relief - Carl Doran (BBC) Members Only
  • People of the Year - Michael Kealy (RTE) Members Only
  • Fundacion Inocente Inocente - Jose Velasco (RTVE) Members Only
  • Gala Inocente - RTVE Members Only
  • Charity Programming - Anders Thomsen (DR) Members Only
  • Aktion Mensch - Dagmar Skopalik (ZDF) Members Only
  • Friday 20 April

    PSM Today

  • How did RTS handle the no billag vote in switzerland? - Manon Romerio (RTS) Members Only
  • RTS - NON à No Billag (Video 1) Members Only
  • RTS - NON à No Billag (Video 2) Members Only
  • RTS - NON à No Billag (Video 3) Members Only
  • RTBF's digital transformation process - Jean-Paul Philippot (RTBF) Members Only
  • Vision 2022 - Jean-Paul Philippot (RTBF) Members Only
  • Connecting with the audience: PSM case studies - Aoife Byrne (RTE) Members Only
  • New online platform for concert - Marc Voinchet & Stephanie Chazel (Radio France) Members Only
  • Connecting with younger audiences - Hanne Kautto (YleX) Members Only
  • A song for Valentine's - YLEX Members Only

  • RUV's digital transformation process - Steinunn Thorhallsdottir (RUV) Members Only
  • Rai's digital transformation process - Antonella Di Lazzaro (RAI) Members Only

  • Speech and interactive interview - Patrick Walker (Facebook) Members Only

  • Taboe - Steve De Coninck-De Boeck (VRT) Members Only
  • From rating figures to contribution to society - Vitold Grand'Henry (RTBF) Members Only
  • Winter Olympic Games - France Télévision Members Only
  • Our girl - BBC One Members Only
  • ZDF tivi-lab - ZDF Members Only
  • SVT News APP - SVT Members Only
  • Private Informations - France.TV Members Only
  • All That We Share - TV2 DK Members Only
  • Use your VOTE - NRK Members Only
  • SR’s Ten Million Project - Tove Svenonius (SR) Members Only
  • Tiomiljoner - SR Members Only
  • News for children - Markus Moerchen (ZDF) Members Only
  • Logo Extra - Jennies Environnment challenge - ZDF Members Only
  • Logo Special - Who Governs Germany - ZDF Members Only
  • Logo - Die Welt und ich - ZDF Members Only
  • proud-to-present

  • VRT Sandbox - VRT Members Only
  • RTBF's Beau Vélo de Ravel - RTBF Members Only
  • Beau vélo de RAVeL 2017 - RTBF Members Only
  • Video of presentations from the event
  • Thursday 19 April

  • Keynote speech - Björn Ulvaeus Members Only
  • Digital Assembly

  • A year in review by EBU Digital & Digital Steering Committee - Ezra Eeman (EBU) Members Only

  • Building a Digital Portfolio at RAI (183 Mo) - Antonella Di Lazzaro (RAI) Members Only
  • Tarmac, reaching young audiences with a crossplatform hiphop platform - Tuyet Nguyen (RTBF) Members Only
  • Playz, the first 9 months of a digital only platform - Alejandro Vega (RTVE) Members Only

  • Rethinking distribution - Diederik Hoekstra (VPRO) Members Only
  • America First - VPRO Members Only
  • ARTE Europe - Phase II - Amelie Leenhardt (ARTE) Members Only
  • How Digital Are You: Towards a Multi-Screen Company - Jeroen Doucet (Coming Next TV) Members Only
  • State of Digital: Quiz - Alexandra Brenkman (EBU) Members Only
  • DTI – Public Service Media In Transformation - Sasha Scott (EBU) Members Only

  • Finding your innovation strategy (570 Mo) - Simon Gooch (SR) Members Only
  • How a creative lab can improve your connection with young audiences (259 Mo) - Lesley Demunck (VRT) Members Only
  • Robots in the newsroom - Mika Raihkonen (YLE) Members Only