The annual News Assembly offers news directors, editors in chief and foreign editors the opportunity to network and to exchange views about improving coverage, reducing costs and adapting to the changing media market.

The 14th News Assembly will take place in Paris, on 18 and 19 November. The News Assembly will begin at 12:00 local time on 18 November and end at around 17:00 local time on 19 November.

News Committee Elections Members Only

In compliance with the EBU Bye-Laws, the 14th News Assembly will see elections. 

Delegates are invited to elect the members of the News Committee for a term of office (2019-2021). New Committee members will take office immediately after the voting session during the News Assembly. Please find below more details on the process:


Le Palais des Congrès d'Issy
25 Avenue Victor Cresson
92130 Issy-les-Moulineaux, France


  • News Activity Report 2019 - Justyna Kurczabinska, Head of News Exchange & News Strategy, EBU Members Only
  • Membership Fee Steering Group - Benoît Balon-Perin, Chair of the News Committee, RTBF Members Only
  • EBU Governance - Justyna Kurczabinska, Head of News Exchange & News Strategy, EBU - Jean Philip de Tender, Media Director, EBU - Benoît Balon-Perin, Chair of the News Committee, RTBF Members Only
  • Explanatory note to A.9 of the EVN rules 2017 - EBU News Unit, EBU Members Only
  • Reaching Gender Balance in News Content – What’s Working? - Ros Atkins, News presenter, BBC Members Only
  • Keynote Speaker - Nick Diakopoulos - Nick Diakopoulos, Northwestern University Professor of Computational Journalism Members Only
  • News Report 2019 – “The Next Newsroom: Unlocking the Power of AI for Public Service Journalism.” - Maike Olij, Journalism Consultant and Media Innovator at ./bureaumaike & Atte Jääskeläinen, Professor of Practice at Lappeenranta University of Technology Members Only
  • How Not to Report on Populism - Tim Pauwels, VRT Ombudsman and former journalist, VRT Members Only
  • Faky, a fact-checking tool - Gregoire Ryckmans, RTBF Members Only
  • Troll Factory - Jukka Niva, YLE Members Only
  • Data Journalism - Teemo Tebest, EBU Members Only
  • FAANGs, structure of discussions - Ezra Eeman, EBU Members Only
  • Instagram, what you don't see. #Triggerwarning - Annemarte Moland, NRK Members Only
  • Digital Hostile Environments - How NOS is tackling online harassment - Marcel Gelauff, NOS Members Only
  • Most used Clips as of November 2019 - EBU News-Exchange Members Only
  • Sports 2019 Gwangju Tailor-made Interviews Members Only