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EBU Digital Storytelling Labs Meeting 2019

The Storytelling Labs network was launched in 2015 and the group has been meeting since to share and discuss specific storytelling challenges by genre or technological opportunities.

The next Digital Storytelling Labs meet-up will take place in Prague, hosted by EBU Member Czech Radio. The main topics that will be discussed during the day are:

  • Immersive online stories
    • Extensions of podcasts (or other formats) in digital – websites, social media, interactive activities, offline activities and how they built upon the story
    • Developing stories through platforms  - case studies and sharing findings
      • How to choose a topic for such a project – timeless VS actual topics and timing (considering long development)
      • Development – storytelling and technology
  • Edutainment online – fulfilling one of the main roles of PBS in engaging and fun way
    • Where we stand and do we fail?
    • Case studies  – Members' projects
    • Best practice – what can we learn from others