Digital Media Days 2020: Online Edition

The 2020 Digital Media Days, originally set to be held on 12 March in Milan, has been moved online and will take place on 15 October 2020. The event will be in the form of a one-day virtual conference around the theme "The next generation of makers". Throughout the day, we will see how the making of content has changed and how the audience and the storyteller have become a key element of the story itself.


Find the timings for our sessions in this programme overview (.pdf). Or download a more detailed agenda (.pdf).

Session 1: The Next Generation of Makers

The making of content has changed. The audience is not just a passive receiver anymore and the storyteller is no longer simply a messenger: they both now play an active role in how a story is produced and delivered. To kick off the DMD 2020, we will look at inspiring stories on how the world of media is approaching the future of storytelling and adapting to ever-changing distribution channels.

Session 2: Innovate or Die

Constant innovation is vital for successful storytelling. Otherwise our messages will fail to reach the audience in today’s extremely competitive marketplace. How can we react to the global pandemic? How can we catch and keep people's attention? How can we create something that is genuinely new? Speakers in this session will try to answer these questions with some concrete examples about innovation in storytelling.

Session 3: The Medium is the Message

"The medium is the message" was first said in 1964 but it's still topical, maybe more than ever. With the increasing diversification of platforms that audiences can use to access content, the defining process on how to reach the target has become extremely refined and the role of each distribution platform is now a key element of any organization's strategy. In this session we look at some examples of how EBU Members have approached this challenge and receive some valuable insights into what should be kept on the radar when defining a distribution strategy.

Session 4: Future Makers and Makers of the Future

What are the topics, formats and products that will be the core of our stories in the future? In this session we look at some trailblazers that are shaping the future of media, with a focus on the role of makers and the impact they're having in the way storytelling is evolving.

More details on the final agenda will follow soon. 




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