Short Copyright Group Meeting on Artificial Intelligence and Copyright

This one-hour EU/EEA Copyright Group meeting will cover Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Copyright, to explain how Artificial Intelligence works and can be used in the media/creative industry. The aim is to give you the basic tools to address the underlying issues of the AI and copyright questions of the survey on the interaction between AI and the creative industries (deadline 19 May 2021), corresponding to part 2 of the European Commission commissioned study on copyright and new technologies. We will be recording this session for Members unable to attend.


 EU Survey on Artificial Intelligence & Copyright - Timeline and Overview - Thomas Myhr (NRK, EBU Chairman of Copyright Group) & Vincent Sneed (EBU, Senior Policy Adviser)  Members Only
 Artificial Intelligence in the Media Spotlight - Alexandre Rouxel (EBU, Project Engineer AI and Data for Media Production)  Members Only
 Artificial Intelligence & Copyright - Anne-Sarah Skrebers (EBU, Senior Legal Counsel)  Members Only




Members Only

Working Languages: English


For any question regarding the videoconference connection details, please contact Mélanie Alexandre.

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Senior Executive Assistant & Membership Legal Secretary
+41 22 717 25 05
Martina Chladkova
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