Proud to Present Fiction 2021

Proud to Present Fiction's 2021 edition will take place for the first time on Tuesday 9 November. As this is an online event, smaller EBU Members, who can't always join major content markets, will be able to share their drama productions with their peers. It will also give Members who regularly attend these events a chance to discover a new cross-section of programmes.

The event will showcase the best European public service media fiction series for adults, either recently produced or still in production. These two 90-minute sessions will be a unique opportunity for EBU Members to present and exchange those programmes. We'll learn from colleagues what made these programmes successful, how they’ve performed audience-wise and whether they could travel.

Call for submissions

If you have produced, broadcasted, published or scheduled a fiction series for adults in the past 12 months or are planning to do so by the end of August 2022, take some time to read the attached Terms & Conditions and decide if you wish to submit your programme.

We are looking for the best TV and web fiction series for adults (25 - 30 years old) from all over Europe.

Proud to Present Fiction 2021 is open to all EBU Members, Associates and Approved Participants.

The deadline for submission is 25 August 2021.

Don't miss the chance to promote your work and to spread the word within your networks!


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