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Intellectual Property Group Meeting

The IP Group examines legal, policy, regulatory and strategic issues related to national, European and international copyright law and practices, as well as other issues of intellectual property law relevant to broadcasters. It makes proposals to the Committee and/or Assembly with regard to EBU positions and initiatives. It is open to legal and public affairs experts from active EBU Members. 


For any question regarding the videoconference connection details, please contact Mélanie Alexandre.


  • 01_EU Stakeholders' dialogue on access to and availability of audiovisual content across the EU - Anne-Sarah Skrebers (Head of Intellectual Property) & Vincent Sneed (Senior EU Policy Adviser), Legal & Policy Department Members Only
  • 02_A Nordic view on PSM co-production - Jens Jakobsen (DR, Denmark) Members Only
  • 04_EBU Television: Co-Production Strategy - Matthew Trustram (Manager TV), EBU Media department Members Only
  • 02_EBU Television: Co-Production Strategy - Matthew Trustram (EBU Head of Television) Members Only

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