Music Plenary Winter Session

We invite all colleagues from the EBU's classical music radio community to our winter online plenary session on 3 December, from 11:00 to 13:00 CET (UTC+1).

This knowledge sharing session generally brings together some 80 to 100 colleagues. We'll highlight the best of what classical radio channels do, the most inspiring projects and the most impactful initiatives. Don't miss this opportunity to be inspired by new ideas, ask questions about successful case studies and build connections with other radio representatives.



Register by: 02 Dec 2021


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Monica Schütz
Community Manager
+41 78 641 70 20

Video Talks

Pascale Labrie (EBU) Miikka Maunula (YLE) Albina Belabiod (EBU) Elana Solomon (EBU) Holger Hettinger (DKU) Camille Dupon-Lahitte a.k.a. Carmen Sage (RTS Switzerland) Katri Henriksson (YLE) Ladislav Železný (CZCR) Tim Moen (NPO) Andrea Zschunke (WDR) Michael Blees (ORF) Monica Schütz (EBU) Fran Acheson (BBC) Ivana Neimarević (RTS Serbia) Mireia Pacareu (EBU)
María Dueñas (violin) Laura Farré Rozada (piano) Sara Ferrández (viola) Dóra Kokas (cello) Lionel Martin (cello) Demian Martin (piano)  Júlia Pusker (violin) Dorotea Senica (flute)