On 28 March 2022, the Artificial Intelligence and Data Initiative (AIDI) put a spotlight on the Dutch broadcaster NPO and their current work-in-progress on AI and data.

This event was the fifth instalment of our series of virtual visits of EBU Members focusing on their AI-related work. It was a great opportunity to peek into what NPO is currently up to: from scaleable hybrid recommendations for full-page personalization, to an integrated linear/VOD/socials dashboard for organizational decision-making, and applied data ethics. Participants were invited to look for commonalities, opportunities for contributions, collaborations with NPO, and to get to know their work and team members.


  • Introduction to Data & Personalization at NPO (Bob van de Velde)
  • NPO-ID: Privacy by Design SSO (Nick Ceton & Gerbrand Meijer)
  • Trinity: Bringing Together Insights from Linear TV, VoD and Online (Henri van Dijk)
  • Hybrid, Full-Page Recommender System for VOD (Bob van de Velde)
  • Applying Data Ethics (Joost Negenman)

Please contact Lalya Gaye for more information about how to attend this series of events if you are not an AIDI member.