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A deep dive into adaptive podcasting with the BBC

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BBC R&D have been working on reinventing podcasting in the vision of object-based media.

Imagine making podcasts that sound different based on what time your audience is listening, where they are and what language is their default.

Then imagine up to 120 layers of audio including binaural audio wrapping your audience in something they can only dream of.

This is only the start of what adaptive podcasting can do.

Ian Forrester (BBC R&D, Senior Firestarter) will be giving a two-hour session - split into two parts, enabling you to learn everything you need to start your own journey in adaptive podcasting!

  • Part 1 will explore what adaptive podcasting is, how it works and what are the possibilities, and a few demos of what has been done so far.
  • Part 2 will deep dive into how to start making podcasts using the web editor and directly with code. We will also touch on how to extend the capabilities of the android application to open up even more variables, data and sensors.

The code and web editor will be available to all EBU members exclusively for a year thanks to funding from the EBU Media Innovation Fund.

Ben Poor (Project Manager, EBU Technology & Innovation) and Grace Zakka (Senior Project Manager, EBU Media) will join Ian to help facilitate the session.


Ian Forrester

Senior Firestarter, BBC R&D (United Kingdom)

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