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Information Session on the Data Act

During this joint meeting of the Platform regulation and DPO expert groups, the EBU permanent staff will present the Data Act proposal published by the European Commission on 23 February. Members will be invited to discuss the potential benefits, as well as the risks, of this new piece of legislation.

As a reminder, the objective of this horizontal Regulation is to set out basis rules for all sectors on Business-to-Business (B2B), Business-to-Consumer (B2C) and Business-to-Government (B2G) data access and use, including:

  • Facilitating access to and the use of data obtained from or generated by (connected) products (B2B/B2C).
  • Preventing the use of unfair contractual terms related to data sharing in unilaterally imposed contracts on SMEs (B2B).
  • Enabling public sector bodies to access and use data held by enterprises in certain exceptional situations (B2G).
  • Facilitating switching between cloud and edge services (B2B/B2C).
  • Introduce safeguards against unlawful international access to or transfer of data held by cloud service providers in the EU, based on requests from third country jurisdictions where such transfer or access would be in conflict with EU or national law (B2B/B2C).

The Data Act comes on top of other recent data-related proposals such as the Digital Markets Act (which contains specific obligations for large companies designated as gatekeepers) and the Data Governance Act (which focuses on facilitating the re-use of certain categories of protected public-sector data).


  • Data Act proposal: here
  • Data Act: EBU Preliminary Analysis here


For any question regarding the videoconference connection details, please contact Mélanie Alexandre


  • Introducing the Data Act - Alexandre Fall / François Lavoir / Anne-Catherine Berg (EBU Legal & Policy Department) Members Only