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AIDI Spotlight on ERR's AI work

AIDI Spotlights are Members-only sync calls, in which a Member organization is put under the spotlight each month.

In this month's event, Estonian public service broadcaster ERR (Eesti Rahvusringhääling/ Estonian Public Broadcasting) invites us to discover their work with AI and data.

ERR has provided AI/ML-assisted services to the public for some time now, but the past two years have brought several new services directly influenced by the latest developments in AI and machine learning software. Working on these projects has provided ERR with insights on AI-supported or AI-based services, and has helped them set priorities about where AI is most useful and relevant. 

Jaanus Lillenberg (ICT Director at ERR) will give us an overview of the services currently in use at Estonian Public Broadcasting. He will also discuss projects currently in development and possible new directions to explore. 

Please contact Lalya Gaye for the registration link if you're not yet an AIDI member and wish to attend this event.