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Future of Work: Media Training and Strategic Workforce Planning

The upcoming May meeting of the Future of Work Group will feature Riitta Jäälinoja-Jussila, Executive Producer, Academy of Journalism, Yle, Cecile Lavis, Coordinatrice RH Prod 360, RTBF, Belgium and Justin Kings, Head of EBU Academy.

Riitta Jäälinoja-Jussila: Yle Academy of Journalism: Training for journalists - and more!
Riitta Jäälinoja-Jussila will discuss the evolution of the Yle Academy of Journalism, highlighting its role in empowering Yle's employees since its establishment in 2018. She will showcase how the Academy's innovative approach has helped Yle's journalists stay relevant and produce high-quality content for Finnish audiences, providing a platform for skill development and idea exchange.

Cecile Lavis: RTBF's Total Workforce Management Strategy: Navigating Competency Evolution
Cecile Lavis will discuss RTBF's total workforce management strategy, focusing on analyzing and meeting the needs of their entire workforce, including employees and freelancers. She will also highlight the integration of strategic workforce planning to evolve competencies within RTBF, balancing internal investment with external partnerships.

Justin Kings: EBU Academy: focus on increasing impact and accessibility
In 2024 EBU Academy has a new strategy aimed at having more impact. This includes the launch of a number of new initiatives such as EBU Academy School of AI, a curriculum of learning about artificial intelligence for PSM.  Justin Kings will present EBU Academy’s plans, including the effort to make training accessible to as many colleagues as possible.  

The session is open to all.

If you would like to learn more or join the Future of Work group please contact Natalia Beregoi or Sasha Scott.


Riitta Jäälinoja-Jussila

Executive Producer, Academy of Journalism, Yle (Finland)

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Cecile Lavis

Coordinator RH Prod 360, RTBF (Belgium)

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Justin Kings

Head of EBU Academy

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