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International Broadcasting Assembly

In June 2015, the EBU General Assembly unanimously decided to amend the EBU Statutes to form an International Broadcasting Assembly (IBA), comprising international broadcasting entities (television and radio) which are responsible for transmissions outside the home countries of their parent organisations. These international broadcasters - most of whom are affiliates or departments of existing Members - formerly met under the aegis of The Bruges Group, which has been dissolved.

The IBA offers its members opportunities to share experiences and expertise on international broadcasting, to further develop the professional network of international broadcasters, and to reinforce synergies with other EBU activities.

The Committee organises and sets the agenda for the annual International Broadcasting Assembly, which provides a platform for international relations experts as well as sales, marketing and distribution specialists to network and to exchange views about specific issues of international broadcasting – international programming, satellite and cable distribution, licences, subtitling, audiences, etc. 

Committee Members 


Klaus Bergmann, DW (Germany)


Nathalie Bobineau, France Télévisions (France)
Kazimir Bacic, HRT (Croatia)
Zlatan Begovic, RTS (Serbia)
Mariola Czarnecka, TVP (Poland)
Paulo Jorge, RTP (Portugal)
John Maguire, France Médias Monde (France)Simona Martorelli, RAI (Italy)
Maria Jesus Perez, RTVE (Spain)

Contact detail

Nicola Frank
Head of European Affairs
+32 2 286 91 11