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TV Documentary Experts

The TV Documentary Experts Group consists of commissioning editors and other professionals from EBU Members working in the field.

The Group's work consists of 3 pillars: networking, inspiration and co-production. Group members are encouraged to strengthen their cooperation, share their experiences and develop new programmes.

A pitching session is organized during the two annual meetings to set up new co-production projects. Group members pitch ca. 15 selected co-production proposals to their colleagues. Most of these projects focus on to cultural issues, current affairs or subjects related to contemporary history.

Participating EBU Members elect group members for a 2-year mandate. They meet on average four times a year.

The Group's main tasks are:

  • to follow up and support ongoing projects
  • to discuss the potential of new projects
  • to define the Group's agenda and long-term strategy

Group members


Barbara Truyen, VPRO (The Netherlands)


Barbara Biemann, ARD/NDR (Germany)
Claudia Bucher, ARTE GEIE (Europe)
Lucie Kon, BBC (U.K.)
Marketa Stinglova, CTV (Czechia)
Axel Arnö, SVT (Sweden)


Community events

Group meetings