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Radio Features Group

The Radio Features Group is a forum for discussion, promotion and production devoted to radio and features within the EBU. Visit the IFC public blog to find more about this Group's activities.

Group Members


Silvia Lahner, ORF (Austria) 

Vice Chairs

Willem Davids, NPO (Netherlands) 
Laurence Grissell, BBC (United Kingdom) 


Jens Jarisch, ARD-RBB (Germany)
Silvia Lahner, ORF (Austria) 
Ylva Lindgren, SR (Sweden)
Olga Mickiewicz-Adamowicz, PR (Poland)
Eva Nachmilnerova, CR (Czech Republic)
Liam O’Brien, RTÉ (Ireland)
Leslie Rosin, ARD-WDR (Germany)
Kjetil Saugestad, NRK (Norway)       

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Euroradio International Features Conference

Contact details

Laurent Marceau
Manager of Euroradio Eurosonic
+41 22 717 2613

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