Folk Music Group

The EBU Folk Music Group works to enhance collaboration and exchanges among radio organizations in these specific musical genres.

The role of the Group is to:

  • assist in the exchange of folk and traditional music concerts, programmes and projects for EBU radio producers
  • offer outstanding musical events and share expertise with their audience
  • present the diversity of European musical culture and play an important role in making folk and traditional music popular
  • organize the Euroradio Folk Festival
  • initiate new projects
  • produce annual projects such as:
    • Folk Music Christmas Project
    • Folk Music Easter and Spring Project

The next Euroradio Folk Festival will be held on 2-5 July 2020 during the Rudolstadt Festival (Germany).



Group Members


Mats Einarsson, SR (Sweden)


Contact detail

Gianluca Allaria
Senior Producer
+41 22 717 2618

Community Space