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The EBU Statutes Group is a group of senior legal experts that advices the EBU Executive Board. The Group examines requests for EBU membership and makes recommendations regarding new admissions. According to the EBU Statutes, the Group is responsible for drawing up all revised versions of the Statutes, Bye-Laws and any other binding regulations of a statutory nature. The Group can make recommendations to the Executive Board on possible interim solutions regarding membership issues and to carry out any other tasks specifically requested of it by the Executive Board.

Group members


Krzysztof Wojciechowski (PRT/TVP, Poland)

Vice Chair

Peter Weber (ZDF, Germany)


Sylvie Courbarien Le Gall (GRF/FT, France)
Catherine Mettraux Kauthen (SRG/SSR, Switzerland)
Olav Nyhus (NRK, Norway)
Ronald Vecht (NPO, The Netherlands)

Terms of Reference

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