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EBU Connect Steering Group

The EBU Connect Steering Group jointly decide upon the structure and content of the upcoming EBU Connect conference which takes place once a year in spring. They also organize jointly all sessions throughout the year preceding each EBU Connect conference. The Chairperson ultimately decides the goals and direction the conference takes. This revolving post is filled each year by another steering group member.

The steering group takes care to reflect the various professional scopes as well as the multitude of cultural and regional backgrounds of the EBU Connect participants.

Target group

Heads of branding, promotion, media planning, marketing and continuity

Meeting frequency

The group: 3 times a year
The EBU Connect conference takes place once a year, in spring.

Group Members


Vitold Grand'Henry, RTBF (Belgium)


Sophiane Tilikete, France.TV (France)
Michael Worringen, ARD/WDR (Germany)
Birgitta Kadin, SVT (Sweden)
Lene Klev, NRK (Norway)
Kristel Maran, ERR (Estonia)
Wim Moellmann, SRF (France)
Bogdan Zupan, RTV (Slovenia)
Justin Bairamian, BBC (United Kingdom)
Teija Korkeamaa, YLE (Finland)
Carol Coffey, RTE (Ireland)
Anne Brochot, EBU (Switzerland)

Contact detail

Anne Brochot
TV Project Manager
+41 22 717 2888