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VOX - Voice User Interfaces Group

The EBU VOX Group is a new member-led expert group across the EBU Digital, Radio and Technology & Innovation departments. It includes representatives from Member broadcasters who have strategic interests for the future of Audio and Video with the advent of voice-controlled digital assistants.

In the course of the past year it has become clear that there is a strong momentum behind voice as an interface. A variety of technologies have matured to the point that voice can be heard, analysed and understood to a depth and speed not possible until now and this may well revolutionise how audiences consume content.

Global companies are conducting well-resourced development and launch programmes to bring voice interaction into the mainstream, both directly embedded in devices and via third party partnerships. Their ambition looks beyond voice to a rich source of data and the commercial opportunities therein. Broadcasters must now look to how they can take advantage of these opportunities, and ensure that their content can use these platforms to reach further.

The group is initially drawn from the group of members that were instrumental in its creation, including: RTE, RTBF, Radio France, Sveriges Radio and NPO.

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The group seeks to:

  • Assess and understand the technology and content landscape around Voice User Interfaces (VUIs);
  • Encourage and facilitate an open dialogue between platform vendors, service providers and Public Service Media organizations;
  • Explore how Public Service Media can retain its unique role with the changes these platforms bring to how audiences consume content.


  • Meetings within the group in order to share knowledge and best-practice;
  • Fact-finding missions to vendors and service providers;
  • Run technical events and workshops for members;
  • Hackathons and prototyping sessions.


In 2017 Members started through the VOX Group as a way of meeting together to share expertise, their strategic visions and best practice. In the past year the level of engagement has increased considerably, and the first EBU VOX Report provides a snapshot of current industry and Member developments. You can download the report here.

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Head of Digital
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Graham Dixon
Head of Radio
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Benjamin Poor
Project Manager Digital Radio
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