GUIDES published on 23 Nov 2023

The Future of the TV News Bulletin

The Future of the TV News Bulletin is the go-to guide for newsrooms, editors, and journalists navigating the transformation of TV news. As the spotlight intensifies on this staple of news programming, the pressure is real. How do we keep TV news bulletins not just relevant but indispensable for today’s audiences and their evolving needs?

Focusing on flagship TV news programmes, this report asks the questions about their future viability. In a world where television is still the primary news source, it finds that the traditional news bulletin retains its pivotal role in presenting multiple perspectives and holding those in power to account.

Through in-depth interviews with 10 senior news managers from public service media across Europe, the report highlights their choices, innovations and perspectives. It unravels the challenges and opportunities faced by traditional news formats, and presents a forward-looking analysis, with key takeaways for news executives on how to adapt and thrive, capturing the pulse of an industry at the crossroads of tradition and innovation.